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Education & Wine Marketing

We work to give visibility to the stories of wine producers and reduce the digital gap in the world of wine.


What we do

We boost the success of your wine brand through digital marketing strategies and the creation of authentic and attractive content.

Social Media Strategy

We manage and optimize the social media of wine brands, creating attractive and relevant content to connect with their audience, increase visibility and encourage interaction.

Content Creation for Social Media

We develop original and quality content for wine brands. Videos, photographs and texts that tell a story, in order to highlight their identity and values in the market and connect with their audience.

Social Media Advertising

We improve the visibility of wine brands with advertising campaigns on social media, expanding the reach of content and optimizing conversion to sales.


Education is a key element for personal and professional development, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate and succeed in a constantly changing world.


We combine emerging technologies with creative strategies to offer unique solutions that respond to the challenges and opportunities of the wine industry.

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Tinta Link is a web application that allows users to share links quickly and easily.

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Tinta Planner is a Content Planner of the agency designed to save time and reduce friction in communication with our clients.

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